Slot Machine Cheaters Anyone


Cheating whatever ways one does it is awful that includes slot machine cheating. We include this article not to magnify slot machine cheating but we find it pretty interesting to create an article about slot machine cheaters. The best way to cheat at slot machine is to find those old machines that mechanically and electro-mechanically driven. Since these machines use pulleys and gear it is easy to control the reel movement and the possibility of manipulating where the reel will stop is high. Listed are some ways to cheat at slots.

Cheating at Slots with Coat Hangers

Let a coat hanger snaked up into the mechanical coin counter of a $100 machine. The coat hanger will interfere or jam the coin counter thus the machine can’t keep pace with the payout. One particular thief runs off with more than $200,000 but eventually the thief was caught.

The Monkey’s Paw Invented by Tommy Glenn Carmichael was such an effective and reliable device. A foot long piece of flexible steel is bended on one end acts as a device. Inserting this device into the payout chute will eventually reach the coin counter. Once hook to the coin counter it will interfere with the counter thus the slot machine will overpay. Today’s top- of- the- art slot machines has coin comparator. Any token that is introduce to the machine and compatibility check of the token is administered by the device and the machine decides if the coin is match or valid.

Shaved Coins, Counterfeit Tokens, and Coins on Strings An ordinary but a classic scam is the use of fake tokens and shaved coins being inserted to fool or confuse the machine. If the trick is successful, a cheater can have a free use of the machine or I some instances prolonging his stay at the slot machine. In the early days of slot machines, a cheat would tie the coin into a string and insert it to the machine. Pulling it back will create a notion for the machine that a coin is inserted. Today, manufacturers have added a “catch’ into the machine to prevent token from leaving out the counter.

Mini-lights Light is now use in interfering with modern day machine optical sensor. Turning on a mini-light at the light sensor will make the payout counter “blind” thus confusing the machine in giving right payout. Safeguards are now available for new generation slot machine.

Sabotage This kind of cheat is administered right inside the assembly plant. Flaws are introduced into the system before delivery of the machine to casinos. Some slot button combination will allow the machine to issues or gives a payout.