Anonymous identity of players

One of the most prominent game organizations of today is the anonymous players. It aims to help people who are suffering from gambling problem.

Not surprisingly, this game organization is a product of the problem players themselves. They were two people grieved with the gambling problem that met accidentally in January 1957.

Both had suffered considerably because of the problem playing. This common factor had brought them together even more, and he had encouraged them to see each other more constantly. Because of their meetings and attachment, they found themselves stopping the game.

At their meetings, they realized a – very important thing that in order to stop their leaning play, they must change something inside themselves. They knew that they needed advice, more importantly of the spiritual kind.

They also discovered another effective way to keep from going back to the game, which is to spread their mission to the world, and also help others. It was a wise move.

Remember the saying “walk the talk”? If people hear them preaching about the problem playing, then they would be more driven to control themselves because they know that many others watch their movements, and rely on them for hope. By doing this, they added more responsibilities to their shoulders. They know that if they go back to the game, they will not only let themselves down, but hopeful others as well.

Of course, for the propaganda to be successful, they needed the mass media, which they got working for them. Their meetings have always been edited and announced so that more people can be reached. What does anonymous job do to players?

First in their priorities is anonymity. They keep the safe of the identity of their members, so that people would want to go to them. They also try to eliminate discrimination against those who suffer from the gambling problem by stating that the problem gamblers are sick people, who need treatment. They are trying to uplift their self esteem because they know that healing is starting there. He starts from within.

However, they also point out that only those who admit that they need help can be saved from the gambling problem. They say that this is an important step to healing, that the person should recognize his own illness. A person with gambling problem can not be helped if he or she does not think she needs any help.

To conclude, gaming organizations like this are indeed much needed today as the number of problem gamblers increase.

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