How to play roulette online?

In the past, to play a game like roulette, you need to go to a casino brick and mortar. If you live in the USA, that meant you go to Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Now, thanks to the Internet, everyone has a casino in his house. Simply connect to a site online casino, download the software and you’re ready to play! If the wheel is your game, you’re lucky, because the wheel is offered by many online casinos. If you think your game is roulette, but you do not know how to play, or you’re not sure how it works, then read on.

When you click on the link of the wheel on your site online casino, you come around a virtual roulette table. On the page, you’ll see the numbers from 1 to 36 and a 0 and 00 for American roulette. The numbers alternate between the red and black. The provision will also set aside, with boxes for the first half of the table, the first, second or third, pairs or odd, red or black or any column. This arrangement allows you to bet on just about any group of numbers.

To play, you just place the amount you want to bet on the number or group that you want to bet. In addition to put mentioned above, you can bet on two numbers by placing your chips straddling two spaces nearby, you can also capitalize on four numbers by placing your chips at the junction of four or six boxes by placing your tokens between two numbers but on the border, indicating that you play all along the line. Turn the wheel and if your number, your color, number or type of group fate, you win! It’s as simple as that. The players are paid according to the likelihood that they number way, without taking into account the 0 or 00. For example, if you bet on one number, the chances this issue does so is 35 against 1, so you’ll get paid 35 times your bet if you win. The advantage of the home is that your real chances are slightly lower than that, since the wheel also has a 0 or 00. If you win a bet on a red, black, or odd pair, you get equal money (0 and 00 have neither color nor type) and so forth. That’s all you need to know to play roulette online. Have fun and good luck!

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