This is not the third defect

All casino players should know that the casino has the advantage over almost all games; it’s another way of putting words that players in the casino will lose in the long run. But this is not the case in a short term, where sometimes the players win.

If players never won at anything then nobody would go to the casinos anymore . Most players study games and their strategy to have a higher chance of winning and reducing the casino advantage. Players often take the time to learn strategy and skills especially in Blackjack and Poker.

No player can kiss losing any time. It can be due to the competitive spirit or a simple search for excellence, almost every player has the desire to win. Once a player loses it makes them feel like blaming it on something to relieve their frustration, but not on the mathematical aspect of the game.

Some players will blame the bad luck if they lose or on a rotten card, or the dealer or sometimes even their opponents. This often happens at a blackjack table.

From a blackjack table, the person most closely seated to the croupier who is first occupied is known as a first base. And the last person to be occupied by the croupier is called the third base. The third basic position is where the most sensitive seat on the blackjack table is located. Thi silicon because the player on the third base is the end to move before the dealer can act and the decision that the third base player marks still gets inspected.

Most blackjack players who take the time to learn the basic strategy for blackjack still want their opponents to know the game of blackjack according to their study. Usually the person on the third base who makes the decision-making times often oppose the basic strategy of the game and that mark the other players downgraded. And once the other players not sitting on the third base lose the blame on the third base player.

When this blame occurs at a blackjack table, such as at online bingo , an argument may occur. The truth of the matter is that no one can be blamed for your loss except yourself. The players who lost remember how the third base player acted but tends to forget how they actually made the mistake that resulted in them losing.

To conclude, do not blame other online casino players for your loss. Take note that the other player is playing for his money and not with yours so mind your own mistakes and your own loses. You and the third base person have the right to play how you want to play. A game of blackjack and roulette should be fun and thrilling, do not take the game too seriously.

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